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Dorothea Hrossowyc

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In over 20 years as an educator, trainer and personal empowerment consultant, Dorothea Hrossowyc has led many workshops and classes in a variety of healing topics as well as the week-long intensive training in Rosen Method Bodywork and Empowerment. Committed to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, all forms of human liberation are her lifelong passions.

Letting Go of Old Beliefs | Dorothea Hrossowyc

We all carry old, negative beliefs about ourselves. We hold these beliefs in muscle tension in our bodies, as muscles are like a storage box of implicit, or feeling state memories. They usually come from old painful experiences, or things we were told when we were young, or from what we assumed as we experienced our lives in this less than perfect world. When we are young, mostly in a theta brainwave state, we just "download the program" and there usually isn't someone around saying, "You know what, that conclusion you are drawing about yourself because of this is not really true…You do not have to think that." It would have been great if we could have had that guardian angel there to tell us that and interrupt the programming, but unfortunately, in most cases, the program downloads and then keeps running throughout our lives. One of the results of this is chronic muscle tension in the body.

Rosen Method Bodywork is a mind/body/emotions work that addresses these old emotions and feelings in the body. If you live near a Rosen Method practitioner, or can get to a workshop, you can learn how the emotional life manifests in the body and how to unlock the holdings and inner barriers around your heart or in your body, thereby alleviating the tension and pain. See for more information.

Morevoer, you can learn to become your own "guardian angel." Beliefs live in the unconscious so we can't simply let them go with the conscious mind. In most cases, we have to "upgrade" the system. Some people use affirmations as a salve for deeply-seated pains and negative beliefs, but when an affirmation sits on top of an unconscious old belief, that old belief will push against it, making it hard for the mind and body to truly hold and integrate it. We mush first give up the old belief!

It is possible to access the unconscious through the body. The best time is early in the morning when you are just waking, or at night when you are falling asleep, or any other time you can access the body in mindfulness or in yoga or exercise, in walking, in meditation, or just sitting and being quiet. If you have identified a negative belief you want to work with, do the following with the belief you have chosen:

Feel your feet, notice your hands and feel for a sense of aliveness in the palms of your hands, and then go again to your feet. Notice your breath…watch how when you inhale, you take in whatever you need from the air around you. Watch yourself exhale and notice that you then let go of all of the air you no longer need or want. Notice you are doing that all day long, taking in and letting go. Then make the decision to let go of that old belief, which sends a clear signal to your body. "I am letting go of believing there is something wrong with me!" Commit to this decision! Use a tone of voice that shows your commitment! (Out loud is best, but silently, in your mind will work too.) Then, very importantly: Pause. Take the sacred pause, and observe your body. Watch for some sign of letting go. And be with whatever your body does.

You might feel a big breath come in by itself, with a sigh or a long exhale. That is the "letting go" breath. Or you might feel a physical letting go somewhere, feeling your body relax, or noticing a melting of the tension somewhere, or you might feel an aliveness come in. Whatever happens, all by itself (don't make anything happen), just be with it, letting it happen, but watching it with your mind. You may notice the letting go will increase when you focus your mind on it. Take your time. When it subsides by itself, then repeat your decision, out loud again.

Repeat, once a day, 2 or 3 times, being with the response in the body each time.

That is the prescription for "Letting go of Old Beliefs." Then watch what happens in your life!

Dorothea's Contact Information:

Dorothea Hrossowyc, MA, RMPA

Rosen Method Bodywork, Somatic Healing and Empowerment Counseling 645-1600

To order a set of 90 Letting Go of Old Belief Cards with instructions for use, $20; Or for a private phone session, contact Dorothea at or call (507) 645-1600

May 4-11 Hudson, WI, near Minneapolis


Interested in a weeklong opportunity to work with other people on the unconscious holdings and barriers in the body, or the old beliefs you carry?  You might be interested in a Rosen Method intensive Retreat.  Rosen Method is emotional mindfulness centered on the body, and as such helps us understand how the emotional life manifests in the body, how we can unlock the holding around our hearts, and feel the power of touch in loosening our rigidity and held back places, the unconscious shadow. A week's intensive helps us see how we can ground ourselves in the center of awareness and live from essence--worth a year of personal development work.

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