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On Our Prison System | December 15, 2012

Jail Cell

Each and every one of us is an expression of God in physical form; despite the loveless acts we commit against ourselves or others, we can not change our divine nature. When I make this kind of statement, it seems as if I am always in the company of someone who asks if I would consider Hitler as an expression of God in physical form? Or what about Charlie Manson? Child molesters? And because I am an African American, I am routinely asked about slave owners.

My answer is this: When I know my true divine identity, I know and recognize the true divine identity of others. This knowing or recognition, because it is the truth, is not affected by what one says or does. Hilter's acts have no power to change his identity. This is a shift in consciousness, not on Hitler's part, but on mine. This is the shift required to build a new world--a new world that responds in radically different ways to those who commit what we call crimes ...

"...a new world that responds in radically different ways..." read more below ...

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Consider this. A friend of mine shared a story of two guys from Germany, I think it was, who were caught selling drugs in Japan. He said that it was a swift trial, and the two were sentenced to ten or so years in prison. The guards there, they reported, carried no weapons. They didn't have to. Violence was unheard of in the prisons. These two guys had to learn Japanese and they were required to meditate for lengthy periods every day. They were instructed in the Japanese tea ceremony. My friend said that when they were released and returned to Germany, they were changed men. They spoke fluent Japanese. Meditation was simply a part of who they were. Their lives had taken on a different meaning and direction. They had a certain calmness, so to speak. There is no doubt in my mind that the Japanese had a vision of these two men, and the crimes they had committed had no impact on that vision. The Japanese system did not punish them; it transformed them.

Compare this to the abysmal prison system in the United States, which has the highest incarceration rate of any nation in the world. In the United States, prisons are profit-making ventures. By using elementary reading scores, experts and investors can predict the number of future convicts based on some educational studies that link illiteracy to the likelihood of committing a crime. Furthermore, rehabilitation in the United States is nonexistent; it is counter-productive. The recidivism rate is as high as 40% (2011).

The U.S. prison system, as it is, cannot be fixed or changed. It is based on a faulty identification of who human beings are. When we come to know who we are in truth, then we will create systems that are designed to serve our divine nature. But the awareness, or consciousness, must come first.

It's up to us, and as always, we have to make a choice. We can choose to embrace the divine nature of all beings, and have that choice direct the building of the new earth we so desire; or, we can cling to the system of beliefs that make the prison system one of the most profitable ventures in the United States.

Now this new path doesn't mean that people like Manson are not to be separated from mainstream society. It means we recognize who he is in truth, and that he requires assistance in getting out of the mental prison that is responsible for the physical one where he now lives. We create the transformation that heals his separated state and brings him into alignment with his divinity. This is the transformation the Japanese created for those two Germans.

That is my say for December. This month's guest blogger is Jed Purses. My webmaster, Aaron, told me about Jed and his listening practice. Jed talked to me about deep listening, and I thought you would be inspired by his story.

In joy – Akilah

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