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Follow Your Bliss ? | June 15, 2013

Statue of Arjuna

In April I began writing an article on my desire for a contemplative life. I detailed some events that I thought might assist you in understanding how desires unfold; how the Universe guides us to the realization of our desires. What I discovered as I sat down to complete the second part of that article was that it wasn't the contemplative life at all that I felt a desire to write about. It was about desire itself. I want to share what I have come to know about our deepest desires.

We have all heard the command to follow your bliss. Most of us attribute this saying to Joseph Campbell, the author of The Power of Myth. Actually, the saying comes from the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu scripture,composed, in India, somewhere ...

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around the 4th or 5th century BCE. The scripture is a record of conversations, on a battlefield, between Lord Krishna and Prince Arjuna, on a variety of topics about the nature of life and the Universe. Joy and happiness are among these topics. No doubt Campbell, who studied mythology, read these conversations, and understood the powerful meanings of these conversations.

Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to follow the path in front of him, what is called the dharma. It is, in a sense, the path that guides Arjunau to do what he came into the world to do. If each of us were to follow our path, which in itself is joy and fulfillment, we will automatically encounter the expression of our deepest desire. The path and the expression, however, are inseparable. This simply means that the path and the expression are weld together. Only the path of joy and contentment, the path where you follow the guidance of your deepest desires, can lead to the discovery of the gift that you are here to share with the world. Some call this gift, the life purpose.

I have come across some commentaries that suggest that the dharma may not lead to joy and well-being. It may be filled with difficulties, heartbreaks and failure. I was a little perplexed by these interpretations until I thought about how the Bible has been misinterpreted to support slavery, the oppression of women and, of late, opposition to gay marriage, because it goes against God's will--as if such an impossible thing were possible. Certainly the Bhagavad Gita is subject to the same misinterpretations as all the other holy books that we misquote and reinterpret to suite our political and social delusions. While India is the birthplace of the Gita, it certainly is not immune to practices that are a result of the misinterpretation of scripture. After all, it has millions of people who have been designated as untouchable. Suggesting that the dharma might lead to heartbreak and failure is an interpretation that justifies all kinds of power abuses. Believing that the dharma leads to well-being and happiness is unconditionally empowering for every single human being.

The battlefield that Arjuna stood on in the Gita is the same battlefield we stand on today. Over the past two thousand years or so, we have become aware of the identity of the enemy we are battling: a belief system that we have created with thought, a belief system anchored in separation, fear, lack and limitation. It's the same system Krishna spoke of to Arjuna. Ervin Laszlo, in The Quantum Shift in the Global Brain, says it is the belief system that has taken us to the edge of the cliff.

But what does all of this have to do with desire and following your bliss?

I have become aware that the path to our deepest desires is the path out of this insane belief system. Following our bliss will lead us out of this world, off the battlefield, into the state of joy and well-being. Our deepest desires, those which the mere thought of makes us smile and feel at peace, are what is pulsing inside of each and every one of us. No one is without those deepest desires.

Giving birth to, or expressing, your bliss in the life you live each and every day, is what will create this new earth that we are hearing more and more about--that new way of living on this planet that we so desperately need. The path is where you learn to nurture and nourish this new life, much like a pregnant woman does with the life she carries in her womb.

Each and every one of us has come into the world to express, to give birth to, a unique aspect of the Divine, call It God, Goddess, Allah or Charlie. The name doesn't matter. Source knows who it is. We are the ones who resist the idea that we are unique expressions of that Source. The path to your highest excitement, the path to your bliss, to your deepest desires, is the path to who you truly are—naturally joyful, and powerfully creative; a unique expression of Charlie in physical form.

Those are my words for this month. In the blog spot is our ezine editor Laurie Thompson. In 2009, someone suggested that I might want to take her yoga class. I did. Since then, however, I have discovered that she is also an editor, an artist, a traveler, a gardener, a fabulous cook, an environmentalist, a feminist. Don't you just love these women who refuse to settle for a one-dimensional path! This month she is sharing her knowledge about yoga. Dorothea is back this month, sharing information about the relationship between our emotions/thoughts and our bodies. I hope that in some way, all of this shared information assists you in making the shift, to creating a joyful, anything but normal, life experience. It's why you came!

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