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Living In the Age of Miracles | March 15, 2013

Miracles Just Ahead Road Sign

Last night my son called to tell me about yet another set of synchronicities that he has experienced. We have talked about how everything in his life seems to simply fall into place without a whole lot of effort on his part. He said that every time something happens, it just blows him away. He focuses on it, and the next thing he knows, he's having the experience of his thoughts and beliefs. "Man, Ma," he told me, "this Universe stuff really works!"

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Mauricio Quintana: Click here for Maurcio's review of Emotional Anatomy by Stanley Keleman

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This Universe stuff works this way for each and every one of us. But we humans are having a really tough time digesting the fact that we do indeed live in a loving Universe, that we are indeed the Source or God, expressing in physical, unique forms. We are so accustomed to the belief in lack and limitation, and the idea that life is not supposed to be a joyful experience. Many of us would have listened to my son's narration of synchronicities and looked for a cause that would deny that the Universe is at work. For most people, he has just been in the right place at the right time, and connected to the right people. It's not that being in the right place at the right time, or being connected to the right people is not what is happening to him; it's just that there is no way for him or any of us to arrange such a staggering number of connections to be in the right place at the right time, or to be connected to the right people. For example, one night he said that he left his wallet, with his debit card and driver's license, in another part of town, over 25 minutes away. Sitting in his apartment, he contemplated whether or not he wanted to get back in the car and make the drive. He decided he should have his license and debit card. He goes outside and lying in front of his car is a one hundred dollar bill. He said he got in the car and joyfully drove to the other side of town.

But my son is not the only one who is experiencing miracles. I experience them every day. I have friends who tell me they have asked the Universe for guidance or answers, and within minutes, they get a response, clear and broad communication. The only difference between those who are experiencing these synchronicities and those who are not is expectation. Expecting miracles brings them into existence. We have confirmed for ourselves that there is indeed a relationship between what we are thinking and believing and what we are experiencing. We know it, and we expect it. More importantly, though, we have discovered that Source, God, the Universe, whatever you want to call It, knows our every thought and our every feeling. It knows the answers before we ask the questions. As we are having an experience in thought, It is assembling the connections, the who, the where, and the how, to get it into our physical--feel it, touch it--experience.

We are indeed living in the age of miracles, and if you will allow it, the Universe will give you overwhelming evidence of it.

Those are my words for this month. Glenn Ellis is in the blog spot this month. I have known Glenn for many years, and he has a wealth of information and ideas about having a joyful health experience. Also, I would like to introduce Mauricio Quintana. He is reviewing the book Emotional Anatomy, by Stanley Keleman. For those of you who are interested in the body/emotions connection, I think you will appreciate the book and the review.



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