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I'm Not Saying it's Easy | February 15, 2013

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I'm Not Saying It's Easy

Anyone considering a shift in consciousness should be aware of the challenge. Some of the areas where we must consider a shift in our beliefs will make some of us very uncomfortable. The most powerful beliefs in desperate need of shifting are rooted in our ideas about God and power. The new consciousness ideas are all diametrically opposed to some of the most powerful beliefs that the masses of us live by.

We are the Source. Each of us, all 7 billion, are unique expressions of what some refer to as God, Allah, Yaweh, Olodumare, just to name a few. This is a direct challenge to exclusive religions--and almost all of them are exclusive. This powerful new belief threatens the very existence of religion and religious institutions. It is an idea that is opposed to religious authority. ...

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If we are all aspects of the same Source, then there are no chosen, special people. If we are all aspects of the same Source, our dwellings--houses, apartments, yurts, tents--are sacred places. Synagogues, mosques and churches can be put to other, more practical uses, or shut down completely. This idea also means that we become the authorities of life, and we can stop killing trees to print those so-called sacred books. Those who have made a living as authorities of these religious institutions, including the Pope, can get a job or start their own business like the rest of us.

Our reality is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. In the area of finances, this idea would mean that those who have are not responsible for those who have not. Poverty and wealth, in accordance with this idea, are states of consciousness. Second, nothing but outrage would pour from the African American community at the idea that enslavement was a reflection of our collective thoughts and beliefs. Next, women of all cultures and ethnicities would no longer be able to attribute gender oppression to patriarchy, and they would have to admit--and this is painful--that at one time, not so long ago, women abused and oppressed men. Men, however, could not use this history as an excuse for their behavior today. Finally, the colonization period would have to be rewritten as an example of the powerful law of attraction at work, again, on a global scale.

Most of us are outraged when we consider what these new beliefs suggest. It makes us very angry when we are told that we are powerful beyond measure, when the harder we work, the farther behind we get. We consider it nothing but jargon when we are told that we are a reflection of an Eternally Loving Universe, when someone can take an assault weapon and unload it on a school playground. We are disgusted by the idea that we are abundance, and that our success was accomplished before we came to this earth, in light of living paycheck to paycheck. To be told we are eternal in a world where so many experience hardship and suffering on a daily basis smacks of cruelty.

What most of us fail to realize is that the system we are shifting away from is the source of the beliefs that produce the suffering, the lack, the limitations, the fear, and most of all, our resistance towards the shift we so desperately need to make. The distorted beliefs about the Source and our own power are actually the cause of our anger.

Postscript: In an announcement that sent shock waves through the Roman Catholic community, the Pope announced that while he would not be getting a job or starting his own business, he will retire, effective February 28, because of his age and health. No Pope has resigned in 600 years. What a shift of events!

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