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The Civil Rights Movement, Communication, & Channeling | January 15, 2013

Martin Luther King Relief

The Shift in Consciousness is all about broadening awareness, and has always an aspect of human activity. Before shifting, there are often intense conversations which serve to re-evaluate beliefs and ideas. When presented with new thinking, we humans can go from total disbelief, and even sometimes outrage, to finally accepting a new belief or idea. From this broader-based awareness, then, we direct our actions.

In the United States, the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement began by challenging mainstream America's ideas and beliefs about race. Jim Crow, ...

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Video of the Month

This month's video suggestion is a collage of interviews with Will Smith. Often, I have thought that the media glorifies actors and athletes, holding them up as impossible models for us to emulate. Smith understands this, and has not fallen into the belief-trap that he has talent that is not within and available to us all.


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segregation, racism and disenfranchisement were simply a few beliefs that were ingrained in white mainstream consciousness. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the channelers of African Americans' discontent with these beliefs. He used the New Testament as a means of not only broadening the awareness of African Americans, many of whom are Christians, but also to appeal to the conscience of White Americans, many of whom are also Christians. There were some African Americans who did not agree with King's ideas or methods, and there were many white Americans who did. It was a conversation tinged with hatred and ignorance, fear and death; but in the end, the majority accepted the belief of the equality among men, regardless of the color of one's skin.

As a result, the collective consciousness of the people of the United States shifted, as can be witnessed in the educational, political, artistic and social life of the country, where today, African Americans are visible--not necessarily in the numbers that King and many others may have desired--but nonetheless, visible.

We are now in the midst of another shift. And like the ones that came before it, we again begin with the conversations that challenge old beliefs with new ones: the earth as a living conscious being; the divine identity of human beings; the sacredness of all life; the eternal relationship with the Divine Source of Consciousness; cosmic community and communication within it.

Sure these new beliefs sound as absurd to some as did the idea of equality to those who believed that interracial marriage would destroy the purity of the white race. But everyday, people all over the world are making the choice to expand their awareness beyond yet another set of limiting beliefs. To witness this movement is equivalent, I like to imagine, to the joy of King's mountaintop experience. Like him, we can rejoice. The global shift in consciousness is coming to pass.

Those are my thoughts for this month. The blog spot is an interview, my first, with Aerin Dunford about The Bank of Talents.

- In joy, Akilah

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